DeliciousExp! Finally back online!!!!

Thank you; with profound gratitude. We can’t say it in a better way. Thank you for hanging in there with us as we’ve taken care of our lack of online presence

We’ve got tons of trip details, registraiton information, and pics for you to peruse which will be posted over the next few hours. Please check back later for updated trip registration information on the 2013 itineraries:

  • Belize Jungle/Sea Eco-Adventure 31 August – 6 September, 2013
  • Morocco: An Authentic Experience – 4-15 December 2013
  • Brazil – Mar/Apr 2014 – Post-carnival tour., we’re inviting you, to accompany us on our Brazil scouting trip.  We’re taking everyone back in 2016 for the Summer Olympics, so we’re gonna eat, drink, and merrily samba our way from Bahia to Rio, to São Paulo.

Thanks again, and looking forward to talking with you soon.



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